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Obtain a Second Citizenship in Europe

The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment program makes owning two passports quite straightforward and in a matter of a few months the second passport is issued and you can enjoy the rights and freedom of living in a European Country.

Why you should apply for Dual Citizenship?

There are a number of benefits in having a 2nd Nationality including; “to safeguard your wealth from excessive taxation, to avoid subjecting yourself to the risks associated with troubled regions, to avoid compulsory military service, to open new employment routes, to have a second home.”

Having dual citizenship gives you more choice in the way you manage your wealth. You can avoid the high price of owning wealth by shifting your money between your dual citizenship countries with no questions asked. This means you can avoid the burden of paying too much tax. If you operate a business in your country of origin taking up a 2nd citizenship means you could expand to your second country effortlessly.

What are the benefits of having Cyprus Citizenship?

As a Cyprus national, the investor receives the following advantages-

  1. Visa-free travel to 159 countries around the world
  2. Citizenship of an EU state with right to live, study and work in all 28 EU countries.
  3. Avail full citizenship rights
  4. Dual citizenship with the facility of Second passports to the applicant, Spouse and dependent children.
  5. Flexible options with no residence requirement during or after the grant of citizenship, with exception of only once in 7 years.
  6. Fastest Approval of the application in all EU countries, approximately within 90 days.
  7. No requirement of capital donation to the state fund
  8. No language requirements for either residence or citizenship!

At every step, from the filing of the application till its approval, Giovani Group shall provide its clients unfaltering support and services throughout the procedure. CLICK BELOW for a descriptive video.

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